Language as Identity

Language expresses identity and constructs it too. Language can be in the form of the written word, spoken, acted, performed. As a starting point I examine the written word , exploring my own mother tongue Sindhi.

Sindhi originates from the Mohenjo Daro civilisation of the Indus valley. It is written in the Arabic script from right to left . it is made up of beautiful calligraphic strokes. It is a language which is not widely spoken or written . As a child I never learnt to read or write this language and have a deep regret for the same.

I began constructing words and sentences by looking at the alphabet and with some help from the older members of my family I had short paragraphs which described the heritage.

Using multiple processes including laser cutting, etching and lino I prepared these prints. They are small scale with a format of an airmail letter.