VE Memorial project

Stitched Together

An ongoing callout to anyone across the world to participate for free. Using your choice of paper fold your memory within. The act of folding and tying it with a string will be a reflection of your emotions linked with the memory. All the photos collected through this project will be used to create a collage like a memory wall and will be exhibited online.

I have received many photos in the first year of this project. I am pleasantly surprised and eternally grateful for this worldwide participation.

I have been preparing drawings from these photographs and taking them into print. The paper, print and colour choices have been governed by what has been available given the covid-19 restrictions. I have been working from home without a press and a limited supply of inks and paper. I call these imposed parameters for my creative response. Many of the drawings and prints have already been posted on my Instagram page

Recently I completed a two-week residency @ ‘the Garage’ in Clifton, Bristol. It was the perfect time and space to test out my ideas for installation.

I continue to draw, print and fold as this project continues.